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19.10.13 First public version CPLX 1.2 released.

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Midlet "CPLX" is intended to perform operations with complex numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and the translation of complex numbers from one form to another. The logic of the MIDlet is similar to the logic of the scientific calculator.

System Requirements

Mobile phone should have a color screen and maintain a profile MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.0.
Supported mobile phones

You are using midlet "as is", at your own risk.
CPLX is distributed under CC BY-ND 3.0 license ("Attribution-NoDerivs").


J2ME Midlet is distributed in the form of ZIP-archive containing the files CPLX.jad and CPLX.jar,  designed for installation on the phone with the appropriate software  (Nokia PC Suite for Nokia,  Siemens Data Exchange Software for Siemens, Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Sony Ericsson etc.).

Checksum ZIP-archive MD5: 1dd74fe163d416ef3f91ea075e07346e - 1.2
CPLX 1.2 (ZIP-archive) - 17,7  Ѕ (released October 19, 2013) - Download From


When you run the midlet splashscreen appears
CPLX Splash
(within 3 seconds), showing where you can stop to press any key. After the splashscreen, open the main form of midlet:
By default, the operands are assigned zero values.
The logic of the MIDlet is similar to the work of the scientific calculator with complex numbers in the mode of complex calculations.
During the operation (a1+ib1)*(a2+ib2) input operands in the following order: enter in the appropriate cells a1,b1, then press the button corresponding to the operation sign (eg, CPLX Add to add), to enter into the appropriate cells a2,b2.
Similarly, the operations are performed on a scientific calculator with the buttons "a" and "b".
To enter a minus sign to delete the numbers in cell entry and press the "*" for a decimal point, you must press "#" ( in various models of phones required keys may vary ).
After entering the operands to perform the specified operation must click CPLX Calc. In its basic form MIDlet displays the result of this operation: in the field a displays the real part of complex number, and in the field b - imaginary.
To perform the operation of taking the square root, or computes the natural logarithm of a complex number must be entered in the appropriate cells a and b the real and imaginary parts complex number, and then press the button CPLX Sqrt to calculate the square root or the CPLX Ln computes the natural logarithm. The real part of a complex number, which is the result of the operation, is displayed in the field a, and the imaginary - in the b.
To translate a complex number of algebraic forms in the polar form must enter a real part of the cell input a, and imaginary part - the cell input b. Then you must click CPLX RE, after which the field a module displays a magnitide (absolute value or modulus), and in the field b - the argument (or phase) in degrees.
To translate a complex number from an polar form in the algebraic module must enter a magnitide (absolute value or modulus) in cell entry a, and the argument (or phase) in degrees - the cell input b.
Then press button CPLX XY, after which the field a will show the real part of complex number, and in the field b - imaginary.
If there is a divide by zero, then a second window is displayed with an error message
CPLX Error.
If the input cell is empty, then a second window is displayed with an error message
CPLX Error.
To display information about the midlet, click CPLX About.
To close midlet, click Equation Solv .


CPLX Sun Java WTK Emulator
Sun Java WTK Emulator

Whats new in CPLX 1.2

* changed the website address of the midlet

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